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Tips for working with long distance clients

remworkNot all clients are relocating within the same neighbourhood or region. Some of the most promising real estate clients may be making a move from another country or far-away community. While these can be great opportunities with the potential for more business down the road, there are also challenges to ensuring a smooth interaction. Here are some suggestions for working with long distance clients.

Harness modern technologies

In lieu of actual face-to-face time, try FaceTime! Video conferencing technologies make it easy to help a long-distance client “tour” a home while you offer valuable feedback and insights on things like noise and natural lighting. By using Skype or FaceTime to view a listing, a seller can also provide their feedback as well and request things like a closer peek into a walk-in closet or the quality of a kitchen upgrade.

Communication is key

This is a tactic that high-performing real estate agents practise with all of their clients, not just those that are shopping long-distance. Ensure you reply back to voicemails, emails and text messages promptly. Even a quick note to let your client know you got their message and that you’re working on addressing their questions and concerns will help an out-of-town client feel that their needs are being met. Assure them that out of sight needn’t mean out of mind.

Develop excellent community resources

While those in the region may already be well aware of the community’s amenities, education options and resources, clients from out of town will benefit from this information being made readily available. Position yourself as a trusted expert on a neighbourhood and whether or not that region is the right fit for your client. If you work with a lot of long-distance clients, it would be worthwhile to develop these resources into easy-to-read documents that you can send to your clients on request.

Appoint a local contact

Many out-of-town clients are making a move to a specific town or region to be closer to family or friends. If possible, you may suggest to your client that they appoint a trusted local contact that can view potential listings and create a shortlist of the best options for their consideration.

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