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Tips for selling homes over the holidays

winterforsaleWhile the real estate market tends to slow down over the holiday season, you may still have a few clients motivated to list their homes at this time. Whether it’s for personal or financial circumstances, it’s reassuring to know the market doesn’t shut down outright, but there are still challenges to face. So here are a few tips to help your client sell their property during the holiday season.

Keep decorations to a minimum

Most of us already know that aesthetic of homes for sale should be kept neutral to appeal to a broader array of potential buyers, tucking away personal items such as photographs and children’s art. But that same decor tip applies to the holidays. Decorations should be kept at a minimum, and where possible, non-denominational decorations such as winter foliage and greenery should be used instead. As a bonus, removing large accents like a Christmas tree will help declutter the home and make it feel larger. The same goes for the exterior of the home: keep lights subtle instead of installing elaborate, colourful displays.

Have an open schedule

With the many holiday dinners, parties and events happening, scheduling times for viewings can get tricky. So get your clients to keep as open as a schedule as possible to accommodate this. Of course, there will be certain days that they (and you) will want to book off such as Christmas Day and New Year’s Day (buyers will probably also be taking these days off too). Hosting an open house over the holidays might not be a bad idea either if it’s between Christmas and New Years — many families will have these days off from work and school and might have the time to attend if they’re in town.

Make your home cozy

Since the winter tends to be a more challenging time or year to show due to the snow and cold weather, you can combat this effect by ensuring the property stays cozy and inviting. Notching up the thermostat by a few degrees will amplify the effect of a house feeling warm and welcoming, especially when potential buyers are stepping in from the bitter cold. As for scents, go for seasonal smells like warming spices (clove, cinnamon), citruses and woodsy aromas (cedar, fir) to evoke a winter wonderland.

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