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Chinese-English version now available!

Realty Sweep™ Features

  1. 1The banner highlights the farm area name and geographic boundaries (for neighbourhoods) or photo (for condos and townhomes).
  2. 2The Market Watch box contains detailed statistics of transactions in the farm area for a given audit period.
  3. 3The companion microsite which features even more micro-statistics (e.g., prior year data) than we can fit into your newsletter.
  4. 4Include a locally relevant personal message. This is optional and if no message is submitted, we will insert a new message for you each month.
  1. 5The Market Article is an overview of the overall real estate market. The data is sourced from the local real estate board and we add our commentary to it.
  2. 6Include up to 3 property listings for standard programs. Note that up to 9 property listings are available in the Jumbo format or as part of the Expanded Listings option for Contemporary and Classic formats.
  3. 7The secondary article is professionally sourced, high quality and always real estate-oriented.
  4. 8The Priceless Quotes section adds a touch of humour. It has proven to be a very popular feature over the years. (Optional)
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Contemporary Neighbourhood Newsletter Samples

Establish yourself as the local area expert with Realty Sweep™ real estate farming newsletters


  • Sold on an exclusive territory basis with no minimum quantity
  • Farm area can be a neighbourhood, townhome complex or condo building
  • Realty Sweep™ comes customized with your personal branding and colour scheme
  • All article content is available for review online prior to mailing
  • Content, printing and mailing are all provided by Mission Response
  • Realty Sweep™ newsletters contain highly detailed micro-statistics of all recent transactions in your farm area. Click here to view sample micro-statistics for various farm area types
  • Ability to submit a locally relevant message and up to 9 listings/solds with each issue

Companion Microsite is included FREE with your Realty Sweep™ subscription!

      • Provides trended statistical information (this year’s volumes and prices vs. last year’s)
      • Share a personal video (if you have one) with your farm area or default video that we provide. Video can be updated every month
      • Link to your website
      • Several eye-catching templates to choose from, and colour schemes can be made to match your newsletter, website or other branding
      • Click here to view a companion microsite for Realty Sweep™

Still want to know more? Check out the FAQ or contact us

new!  Realty Sweep™ Cards

All Realty Sweep™ Newsletter clients have the option of adding a Realty Sweep™ Card to their protected farm area. The addition of the card benefits you in several very important ways:

  • Provides an additional 12 touch points to your protected farm area on a highly cost-effective basis
  • Automatically spaces the two touch points two weeks apart – ensuring your farm area gets consistent and regular contact
  • Ensures a consistent imagery between the newsletter and the card – maximizing your marketing synergy!
  • Card backs can be used for featured properties or messages – and default content is created for you if you want to put it totally on “auto pilot”!

The Realty Sweep™ Card itself has unique dimensions (11” x 4”) and is printed on extremely thick 12 point stock.

Neighbourhood Version

Front of the Realty Sweep™ Card:


Back of the Realty Sweep™ Card:


Condo Version

Front of the Realty Sweep™ Card:


Back of the Realty Sweep™ Card:


Default content for the back of the Realty Sweep™ Card

Every month you have the option to use the default content instead of displaying featured properties or inserting your own personal message.  This ensures that a card will be consistently delivered every month and with great looking content.

Realty Sweep Card Default Content

Chinese-English Realty Sweep™ Newsletters

This bilingual version of Realty Sweep™ is perfect for neighbourhoods with a strong Chinese community.

Please contact us for details about the program.


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