All-Brand Cards™

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Promote property listings and solds anywhere, anytime!

Sample All-Brand Cards™

Card Back Options

All-Brand Cards™ backs, also called imprints, are customized to match your personal branding and colour scheme. Choose from 5 content options with each mailing −Single Property Listing, Dual Property Listing, Current Mortgage Rates, Complimentary Market Evaluation and Realtor’s Personal Message.

  • Single Property Listing

  • Dual Property Listing

  • Current Mortgage Rates

  • Complimentary Market Evaluation

  • Realtor’s Personal Message

  • 100% Agent branded program designed to support listings and solds in any geographic area
  • Use your existing brand, or develop one from scratch using our Agent Branding™ program
  • Easy and low-cost farming solution
  • Offered on an exclusive, territory protected basis for your specific farm area(s)
  • Mission Response will conduct all the printing and mailing of both shells (card fronts) and imprints (card backs)
  • 52 optional mailing slots per year
  • Fast mail drops – 4 business days from content submission to delivery to Canada Post
  • 5 card back options
  • All card back content submitted online at

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