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How to find a mentor

mtrpicMost of us remember a time in our lives when we got advice from a wiser, experienced individual. Perhaps it was a summer camp counsellor that motivated you to break out of your shell or a college TA that took extra time to help you understand a challenging concept. Just because you’re no longer in school doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from the guidance and support of an experienced professional. Here are a few ways to find and build a mentor relationship. Look to a non-competitive market
Approaching an experienced real estate professional for advice can be a tricky feat if that individual is working in the same region as you. They may feel protective of their business and guarded about assisting you – essentially their competition. Instead, look for top-performing agents in the next major city or a few hours away that rarely or never operates in your market. If you are working in a specific niche such as loft condos or Mandarin-speaking clients, you can consider seeking mentors in the same city but in a distinctively different niche to avoid competition.

Consider professionals in other fields of business

A supportive mentor needn’t be in the exact same industry as you. In fact, mentors working in other sectors could offer beneficial perspective and experience from their line of work. Look for individuals with sales or business roles that still have an understanding of your goals and challenges.

Explore current connections

Potential mentors could be hesitant to offer their limited free time to a stranger. But a good way to bridge that gap is to explore connections you’ve already made such as friends of friends or family members. LinkedIn and even Facebook can be great resources for finding potential mentors within your social networks.

Ensure the right fit

Don’t just seek out a mentor that has a business profile you want to achieve. For a great mentorship to be productive and long-lasting, make sure that you both jive personality-wise. You might look for someone that has a similar outlook to work-life balance as you do or would strive to achieve.

Why be a mentor?

If you’re on the other side of the table – an experienced real estate professional being asked for help by a rookie – there’s plenty to gain from becoming a mentor. The real estate industry is always changing, especially when it comes to new technologies, and a younger agent can help to keep you updated on the latest trends. You may find that sharing your passion with another individual helps you look at your own career from a fresh perspective and it can be a flattering experience as well. Remember, Zig Ziglar once said: “the fastest way to get what you want is to help other people get what they want.”

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