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How direct mail marketing can boost your business


There’s a myriad of ways we can market our products and services these days, but what hasn’t changed is the effectiveness of direct mail marketing, which has been proven over decades. Here are a few ways that direct mail marketing gives your business a boost.

Targeted delivery

Unlike a newspaper or television ad, direct mail campaigns can be targeted to a specific neighbourhood or region. You can make sure that none of your marketing dollars is wasted reaching individuals that are too far out of your scope of reach. If you’re trying to increase your presence in a new neighbourhood, direct mail is a great way to achieve that specificity.


The postal service is a time-honoured public service institution and one that we hold fond, happy memories of. Many of us check our mail on a daily basis and look forward to the act of opening the mailbox and rifling through its contents. Customers may feel uncertain of novel marketing tactics but the familiarity of direct mail makes it a more relatable medium.


A piece of direct mail gives prospective clients something to touch, feel and keep for later reference. Radio or online ads might be lost or forgotten, but the material presence of direct mail can be retained and even passed onto friends and family.

A proven track record

Direct mail has been an effective marketing strategy for decades. Despite the advent of digital strategies, direct mail has been repeatedly shown to be a cost-effective solution to getting your message across. Even major players like department stores have brought back their mail catalogs, indicating a continued investment in direct mail marketing.

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