Expected Results

expected resultsWhat kind of results can you expect from our Realty Sweep™ farming newsletters and Keep In Touch™ referral newsletter programs? That is the most often asked question we receive. The fact is that the sales leads, listing presentations, actual listings and actual transactions our programs generate go to our clients – not to us. So we are reliant on our clients for this type of information – and this type of “hard” information is difficult to obtain. However, this is what we do know:


Renewal Rates

Our renewal rates are over 90%. This applies to both Realty Sweep™ and Keep In Touch™. Repeat business, year after year after year, is an excellent indication of a successful program. Simply put, our clients would not be renewing at these high rates were they not satisfied with their results. Happily, we also have many clients who have been with us for over ten years!


Low Break-Even Point

It takes less than one transaction per year to break-even. The vast majority of our Realty Sweep™ programs have a break-even point of less than one transaction per year to break-even. We will show you exactly what your break-even point is for any farming program you undertake – and also show you what market share is actually required to break even. You will likely be amazed at what the numbers will actually show.


Anecdotal Client Comments

Here are some of the comments we hear over and over again from our clients:

“Before I started my listing presentation, the client pulled out a stack of my Realty Sweep™ newsletters which they had been saving in a file for over a year.” [we hear this type of comment literally every week]

“I received a call from a farm area prospect wondering what happened to my December issue.” [reference to the fact that our client “skipped” the optional December Realty Sweep™ issue underscoring the perceived value of the communication]

“I was able to get a listing despite the fact that the client has a family member in the business – and I was able to get it a full commission!” [enormous benefit of being perceived as the area specialist]

“My clients are so impressed with the quality of the articles in my Keep In Touch™ newsletter. The content is really outstanding.” [we also hear variations of this type of comment literally every week]