Client Benefits

Video Production Services

Video is a fantastic way to engage your prospects and past clients. Mission Response clients now have access to top-quality video production services at very special prices!

Get in touch with us today to learn how to get started and check out some examples of videos here.


Realty Sweep™ Consumer Promotions


Consumer promotions are a great way to generate leads from your farm area – leads which can be cultivated over time into genuine listing opportunities. We have created many templated consumer promotions for you to choose from and that you can customize to suit your particular needs and budget.

Leave it to the Mission Response team to create the perfect, customized promotion for your farm area. Everything from generating the concept, assisting with the execution and even the reporting is handled for you!

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Newsletter Portion

Key Features:

  • Starburst in banner highlighting the promotion
  • Message describing the promotion and
    participation details

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Microsite Portion

Key Features:

  • Message describing the promotion
  • Customized promotion entry form
  • Links to promotion rules, participating retailer locations, etc.

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Free Coaching with Brokerage Nation

Mission Response clients qualify for a FREE membership on, a $300 value! Brokerage Nation is a real estate coaching service offered by Dan Wood. To view testimonials, click here!

With this free membership, you will have access to educational modules and videos.  Existing clients can register here.

Overview of services offered by Brokerage Nation:


Are you just starting out or are your photos a little out of date? This a fantastic deal on headshots! In studio or on location photography services available at impossible to beat prices for Mission Response clients.

Check out the packages at Headshots by Andrew.

Farm Area Check-Up™


Geographic farming is an excellent business building strategy however when it is used without solid analytical tools, results can often be very disappointing. Our Farm Area Check-Up™ is a three-part analytical tool that is designed to help you make a go / no go decision based on our established benchmarks.

The following is a snapshot of each component of our Farm Area Check-Up™:


Delivery Address Report

Whether your proposed farm area is a neighbourhood, a townhome complex or a condo building, you absolutely need to know how it can be best targeted using direct mail. Using our proprietary WalkBoss™ information system, we will generate a detailed Delivery Address Report which will tell you just that. This tool totally demystifies the Canada Post Unaddressed Admail Walk system which has confounded REALTORS® for years. It is also a fabulous tool for assisting any REALTOR® who is an avid “door knocker”.


Key Diagnostics Report

This report will tell you what the “resale turnover rate” is for the proposed farm area and how that compares to the market in general. It will also reveal the “average selling price” and “days on market” for the farm area, and how those metrics also compare to the market in general.


Payback Analysis

This analysis will show you exactly how many transactions are required to break-even and what your projected return-on-investment will be for the proposed farming program. This Payback Analysis incorporates findings from both the Delivery Address Report and Key Diagnostics Report as well your unique variables (e.g., commission rate, commission split, relevant deal-related fees and marginal tax rate).


Peace of Mind Data Services™


  • Automated postal code correction
  • Automated addressing format error correction
  • Automated National Change of Address cross reference
  • Return postage guarantee


In addition to these items, our farming programs are all subject to ongoing postal walk restructure protection made possible by our proprietary WalkBoss™ information system. With this great feature, your farming programs are completely protected from Canada Post route changes which occur constantly.

All of these “Peace of Mind” tools are designed to let you sleep well at night with the knowledge that everything possible has been done to ensure the ongoing accurate delivery of your mailings.