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How to be an effective networker

Delegates Networking During Conference Lunch Break

Meetups, community events and parties can be great opportunities to expand your sphere of influence. But being an effective networker isn’t just about shaking hands and exchanging business cards. Whether you’re more of an introvert or have a natural gift of the gab, here are a few things you can do to network more effectively.

Direct mail still matters to millennials


The stereotypical vision we have of millennials may look like a 20 or 30-something individual surfing the web with a smartphone in one hand and the other hand typing on a laptop. While millennials are indeed a digitally-savvy demographic, it turns out they also pay attention to and care about the direct mail they receive. Here’s why.

Pitch perfect – How to pitch yourself as a media source


Being interviewed as a source for a real estate story at a local newspaper or magazine is a great way to get press for your business for free, spreading the word about your brand and work. Act as your own publicist to pitch compelling, newsworthy ideas to local publications. Here are a few tips for a successful pitch.