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Essential handouts for your next open house


aplusagentWhen potential buyers are looking at several open houses in one day or weekend, it’s important to stand out from the crowd. One of the ways to accomplish this is through offering valuable handouts to visitors that not only help to sell your listing but also establish your reputation as a real estate expert. Aside from essential information about the property you’re selling, here are a few informative handouts you can make available to guests at your next open house.

Canadians’ confidence in housing market reaches two-year high

Poll results from the Bloomberg Nanos Consumer Confidence Index released on May 24th show that Canadians are increasingly optimistic about the real estate market. 44.6 percent of Canadians expected the price of homes in their neighbourhoods to increase over the next six months, which is up from just 30.6 percent at the start of 2016.

Closing gifts to keep top of mind



According to a National Association of Realtors survey released in 2015, repeat customers accounted for an average of 20 percent of real estate agents’ business. Experienced agents reported rates as high as 40 percent with referrals accounting for an additional 24 percent of business. These statistics emphasize the importance of leaving a positive lasting impression on your clients, even after the deal is done and dusted.

Direct mail in the home

mrch_image2While there have been several studies conducted on the efficacy of print advertising and what catches the attention of consumers, the fate of direct mail once it enters the home has long been a mystery to marketers. But in 2015, an 18-month ethnographic study from Royal Mail MarketReach, the marketing and data services branch of the United Kingdom’s postal service, was released. Using video footage captured within study participants’ homes, MarketReach observed consumer habits to learn how direct mail is handled in the home.

McCann CEO and ‘The Mail Moment’

blogpost12314At the 2016 National Postal Forum, Harris Diamond, CEO of advertising giant McCann Erickson addressed members of the mail industry with a compelling talk about the impact of direct mail. Diamond cited a study conducted by McCann that found the average American spends 25 minutes with their mail every day, which Diamond referred to as ‘The Mail Moment’.

“You come home from work, the mail in one hand, the cell phone in your pocket, and you sit down to go through the mail,” Diamond said at the National Postal Forum. “It's an important moment in people's lives and one that presents great marketing opportunities.”

Introducing Realty Sweep™ Cards

RScard2All Realty Sweep™ Newsletter clients have the option of adding a Realty Sweep™ Card to their protected farm area. The addition of the card benefits you in several very important ways:

  • Provides an additional 12 touch points to your protected farm area on a highly cost-effective basis
  • Automatically spaces the two touch points two weeks apart – ensuring your farm area gets consistent and regular contact
  • Ensures a consistent imagery between the newsletter and the card – maximizing your marketing synergy!
  • Card backs can be used for featured properties or messages – and default content is created for you if you want to put it totally on “auto pilot”!
  • The Realty Sweep™ Card itself has unique dimensions (11” x 4”) and is printed on extremely thick 14 point stock.

Door Knocking 101



Door knocking is a powerful tool to make yourself known with the community. By interacting with homeowners, you can effectively generate leads. But many agents find door knocking to be intimidating or question its efficacy. Whether you’re prospecting or hunting for a client’s dream home, here are some tips to get started on door knocking and how to best leverage this marketing opportunity.

You can now legally sign real estate documents electronically in Ontario

This is great news for a tablet users like myself.  This will make deals a lot easier to manage going forward!

"The Government of Ontario announced today that real estate consumers will be permitted to use electronic signatures on real estate agreements of purchase and sale (APS) as of July 1st, 2015. "

The smart home of our dreams is almost here


This is a fantastic look into near future home automation. What features will your smart home have? How will the internet of things change your living space? Do we really need a coffee maker connected to the internet? This video makes some very good points. 

Banks cut key mortgage rate amid fears of lofty housing market

Bank of Montreal has renewed the mortgage war among Canada’s banks, slashing the posted rate on its five-year fixed mortgage to 2.79 per cent from 2.99 per cent, even as Ottawa and the International Monetary Fund fret over the state of Canada’s overheating housing market.

Toronto-Dominion Bank quickly rushed to match BMO’s rate special, saying it will drop its five-year fixed mortgage rate from 3.09 per cent to 2.79 starting Wednesday.

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