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Tips for better engagement with open house visitors

openhousearticleHosting an open house isn’t just for introducing a new listing to the market. It’s also a great opportunity to bring new clients onto your roster that may be thinking of buying or selling soon. Here are a few simple tips to help convert open house visitors into clients.

Is home staging worth the investment?


Depending on the size and condition of the property, home staging can cost a few hundred or even over a thousand dollars. But is the expense worth the investment? A recent study from the National Association of Realtors helps us address this question.

Working with multigenerational clients

mgfamWhether for affordability, cultural norms or personal preference, more and more households are becoming multigenerational. This could be married couples (or single millennials) moving back in with their retired parents to save up and buy their own home or families with aging parents looking for in-law suites. It’s a demographic that’s only growing, making it a valuable niche to target. Here are a few tips for working with clients looking for multigenerational homes.

Housing trends for 2019


With a new year comes new challenges for the real estate market. Advancements in technology, changes in demographics and government policies will keep agents on their toes for the months ahead. Here are a few trends and predictions for 2019 and how agents can keep one step ahead.

Tips for selling homes over the holidays

winterforsaleWhile the real estate market tends to slow down over the holiday season, you may still have a few clients motivated to list their homes at this time. Whether it’s for personal or financial circumstances, it’s reassuring to know the market doesn’t shut down outright, but there are still challenges to face. So here are a few tips to help your client sell their property during the holiday season.

Keeping in touch over the holidays

holidaykeepintouchThe holidays are not only for spending time with family and friends. They’re also a great reason to reach back out to your former clients and touch base. It’s a welcome opportunity to check in and keep yourself top of mind. Here are a few great ways to effectively connect with your clients over the holidays.

Creating a real estate client avatar

profilevectorsWhen it comes to developing branding and marketing strategies, it helps to put yourself in your future customers’ shoes. But doing so is easier said than done. What can help you along the way is creating a client avatar, also known as a customer avatar in the sales world. This involves creating a “fictional” character that best represents the clients you are hoping to target in your business and thinking about their desires, wants and needs. Here are a few tips for creating your own real estate client avatar.

Direct mail still matters to millennials


The stereotypical vision we have of millennials may look like a 20 or 30-something individual surfing the web with a smartphone in one hand and the other hand typing on a laptop. While millennials are indeed a digitally-savvy demographic, it turns out they also pay attention to and care about the direct mail they receive. Here’s why.

Why investors make good clients

revestorThe real estate market continues to attract savvy investors looking for a good return. If you’re seeking a niche customer base to appeal to, investor clients are a lucrative market to tap. Here are a few reasons why attracting investor clients is good for your business.

Instagram for real estate agents

igbizzSocial media can be an intimidating world to tackle. But the popularity and appeal of Instagram makes this a valuable tool to generate new leads and referrals and to keep yourself top of mind for clients ready to take the plunge into the market — especially for the millennial demographic. Here are a few tips to start an Instagram account for your real estate business and how to produce content that generates leads.