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Canada’s housing market: a victim of demographics?

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According to a research study from Pacifica Partners Capital Management Co., demographics in the coming decade are not generally "real estate favourable". Here is their argument in a nutshell: The main driver of the real estate market since 1990 has been baby boomers buying houses during their peak earning years. The 45-64 age group accounted for about 20% of the population prior to 1990, but grew by another 10% throughout the 1990's and 2000's. In round numbers, today there are about 4.3 million more people in that age group than there were in 1990. The problem, according to Pacifica, is that this age cohort is poised to start declining now and that the younger generation isn't large enough to pick up the slack. Also, as the boomers begin to retire, their appetite for buying houses will decline appreciably.

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