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Tips for working with elderly clients

olderclinetThe baby boomer generation is steadily moving into older age and with that transition comes unique changes in their housing needs. As this demographic continues to grow, you may be encountering more and more senior clients or perhaps might be interested in positioning yourself as a specialist of this group. Here’s what to expect when you’re working with senior-aged real estate clients.

Go green: how to approach your real estate business from an environmentally-friendly perspective

goinggreen_imageMore and more concerned citizens are adopting environmentally-friendly practises in their homes and offices, including real estate agents and their home-buying and selling customers. Taking a greener approach and outlook to your real estate business isn’t only just good for the earth but it can also help position you positively among potential clients and customers that have made the environment a priority in their lives. Here are a few ways to approach your business from an environmentally-friendly perspective.