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Closing gifts to keep top of mind



According to a National Association of Realtors survey released in 2015, repeat customers accounted for an average of 20 percent of real estate agents’ business. Experienced agents reported rates as high as 40 percent with referrals accounting for an additional 24 percent of business. These statistics emphasize the importance of leaving a positive lasting impression on your clients, even after the deal is done and dusted.

Direct mail in the home

mrch_image2While there have been several studies conducted on the efficacy of print advertising and what catches the attention of consumers, the fate of direct mail once it enters the home has long been a mystery to marketers. But in 2015, an 18-month ethnographic study from Royal Mail MarketReach, the marketing and data services branch of the United Kingdom’s postal service, was released. Using video footage captured within study participants’ homes, MarketReach observed consumer habits to learn how direct mail is handled in the home.